Oil Changes

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Owning a vehicle comes a lot with responsibility. If you want to keep it running smoothly without a hitch, there are steps to take to ensure optimal performance. One of those steps include changing your oil after every 3,000 miles to keep the health of your Kia vehicle up to date. Without frequent oil changes, the performance of your vehicle can diminish and lose efficiency. Oil helps lubricate your engine gears and running at peak performance.

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Does Your Car Have an Oil Problem?

Finding oil stains under your vehicle? 

Your vehicle may have an oil leak.

As your vehicle ages, the gaskets and seals begin to break down causing leaks. If the leaks are fixed soon, there could be bigger problems in the future. If there is any possibility of your vehicle having a leak, bring it in to Moritz Kia Fort Worth so one of our certified technicians can diagnose the issue.

Did your Low Oil Pressure / Oil Level Light come on?

Low oil pressure can lead to bigger problems down the road.

To keep the health of your engine, you always need to always have the optimal amount of oil in the container. When the level becomes too low, it could lead to malfunction of the oil pump or engine. If the light goes on, bring it in to get it checked out immediately.

Superior Dealer Service

Contact us today to set a time and date aside that works for you! We pride ourselves with the service our professionals provide. They make sure to give quality maintenance while keeping your busy schedule in mind to finish the oil change in a timely fashion. Getting your oil change not only switches out old oil, but it reduces potential corrosion and sludge build up. We want to keep your motor running without a hitch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Habits Worth Having


You always take your Kia to your local Kia Authorized Dealer for maintenance.


You receive Kia quality service and Genuine Kia Parts.


You take your Kia to your local Kia Authorized Dealer for a quick oil change.


Oil and filter is replaced by factory-trained experts and Genuine Kia Parts are used.