Maintenance Schedule

A Healthy Car Is A Happy Car:

Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance

The benefits of maintenance are clear.

When we buy a vehicle, we take a lot of things into consideration like gas mileage, safety features and technology. We think about this because we want our vehicle to last a long time. To ensure that your Kia vehicle last for years to come, we always suggest having it maintenanced every 30,000 miles. This way our service professionals can catch any upcoming problems before it is too late. At Mortiz Kia Fort Worth, we care about the health of your Kia vehicle and want to ensure it keeps running smoothly for years to come.

Regular Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance

Oil Change:

Clean, engine lubricating oil vs. Dirty oil, and possible premature engine wear

Little to no engine deposits vs. Engine deposit buildup

Smoother running engine and peace of mind vs. Possible engine failure

Oil Change in Fort Worth, TX

Tire Wear and Pressure Check:

Safer tires vs. Possible flat

Better road traction vs. Longer braking distance

More reliable tires vs. Less reliable tires

Tire Check in Fort Worth, TX